Eclipses of the heart

These starry nights clench the clouds

uttering their deep dark secrets

of how they romanced the moon

until the sun’s yolk broke

into a Van Goghs, painting

creating an army of love-struck eyes.

How unfortunate for the sky,

to get eclipsed by the sun

lost in the wilderness,

trenched between mountains.

They have ruptured into crevices

that steal and capture its vulnerabilities

and left unnoticed

while the sun and moon

have cast a spell.

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Love is an enemy to the unknown

it’s wretched, tarnished, and vivid

in its fragile ways.

It’s the devil’s one nightstand

and the angel’s blessing in disguise

or the passage towards the in-between

without boundaries and belongings.

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Cold, empty, and abandoned

lies the moon at an expanse

gazing into the swirling sky

severed by the foggy clouds

for it brightens my night sky

and leaves me with a dim heart

as I ponder from my window.

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While the cold gusts

carry my lover’s scent

from his faraway lands

with eclipses and trenches

swirling skies and a hundred butterflies

broken bridges and cracked benches

fading walls and empty stalls

let’s lend our ears to the seagull calls.

I’ll wait for you by the beach

with some forget-me-nots and lilies.

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