The Miraged Muse

I surely want to give up on certain days
the further I reckon about you
the pang seems to evolve swiftly.
Do you remember us?
or even feel that I exist?

You see I have these days, alright?
nothing too different from you, of course.
Waking up to the same sunrise,
and romancing to the same moon rise.

There are the wicked ones though
mostly those I contempt.
It’s my memories of you
from those that I can merely make out of bed
to those who gawk at me like a distant enemy.
I loathe how you’ve constructed all this
and is a ghost
that I crave to embrace with open arms.

Somedays, I ponder about how you are?
Do, you still spend all that time in front of the mirror
wondering who you seek your fashion advice from these days?
I remember how I used to do it.
The constant dilemma of this or that?
Looking at you in awe.

It’s funny how almost everything has changed.
Summers to winters,
Springs to Autumn,
so have you.
Unfortunately, I haven’t and it irks me.

Do you think of our rides together?
made me dream about owning a Vespa someday.
It makes me think at times
maybe, just maybe, I’ve given too much,
Is this why there is this unfathomable pain?

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You are not a reason enough for me put away with
or a whiff of love for me to forget.
You are like vervain
draining my last drop of blood would do it.

I love how it always felt like home when I was with you.
Maybe, some places are cursed
and some people are broken
Or they are the universe’s twisted ways of doing this to me.
The wise say,
If something is not a part of your life, then maybe it’s been taken away for a reason.

I have decided to let go of you,
it’s better for both of us.
Unanswered texts and unreturned calls. That isn’t what I want to remember about us.
Thanks for the memories.
I’ll see you on the other side or rather not!

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