An Ode to the series “YOU”

Love has taught me that pain resides within you and time doesn’t heal.

Time doesn’t heal the pain it makes you numb.
What is it to be numb? Have you been played to “protect”?

Love has taught me betrayal is something that she breathes. The thoughts still lingering on, breathing behind your neck.

I am trying to go after my memories with love, and I see blank spaces, the loneliness, the bitterness, sweet solitude.

How did I get here? How did you get me here? How did I drown?

I believe love; shall look me in the eye everyday to reassure me.

A mirror standing tall behind love; cackling as I admire my reflection. I wonder what love thinks, when loves says that she loves me.

I will go distance and heights to protect you, Love. However, it makes me want to wonder will you?

They say we make a perfect pair, what do we have to be called perfect?. We plan murders together, is that what we’ve become?

We are way ahead Darwin’s evolution theory, we survive to kill , and does that keep you up in the night?

I Love you, Love. In my own ways and at my own time. Is this ever going to reciprocate or am I the giver here?

A feeble voice inside me asks… “Why Lie”?
Should I reveal my crevices? How is it easy for Love to think of forever when all she has is a fractured fairy tale?

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