Deep Dark Tales

Do you cough through your greys,
your frailties and scarred crevices.
Do they embody you?
Illustrate your deep dark tales?
or are they the skeleton in your closet.

I shelter our scribbled anecdotes
within my barren soul,
for your stolen kisses and broken vows,
never ceased me, from loving you.

You are my Black, White and Grey,
the best actor in all your plays.
Your stories bewildered me
and you fitted reality.

The sky and the clouds
have always been my heftiest tricksters.
They make me fall in love,
and disappear into erratic hues
with a ravenous monster above me.

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Until one day, the cloud disguised itself in grey
I for all knew I was it’s prey.
Slit and chopped…
memories of you
that occupy my reliquary

I don’t wish to wet my lips
for your name is written all over my membrane.
Dazed in romance
handcuffed in anguish.

To intonate the pains of love
in abysm, hears the cloud
for grey-blue or black.
You will be a haunting
and my tears a storm.

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I loved you a thousand times
and seems like unrequited love
Relinquished itself to the storm.

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