Ode to the Salvatore Brothers

What initially started as a Tv series that you must have heard from your friend or saw it on the social media has surely gained a great fan base all around the country.

Damon and Stefan Salvatore were a sure heartthrob to everybody when all of us were mesmerised by Stefan’s masculinity and low key attitude, very romantic and a smile that your heart will drop dead. The characters surely left a major impact on everybody who watched it.

“Did you know you can’t pronounce Damon without pronouncing Damn”

Damon Salvatore

Now that’s a name I can’t get over at all, well I am not sure if the feeling is mutual because Nikki Reed won’t be fine. What is not admirable about him? The way he sips his bourbon and clenches his teeth making his cheekbones raise and that perfect jawline that reveals itself sets my body into havoc.

Now it’s a sin if I don’t acknowledge the accent and the walk, it’s mystic and manly at the same time and the husky voice he carries all through the series has my heart beat racing.

Just like everybody else, it began with hating you but the minute you started showing the colours to your darkness, I saw a guy who craved for a mother’s love who was then deceived by Katherine the one woman he gave his heart to, and when she betrayed the humanity switch overpowered him. An abusive father from whom he always saved Stefan from, now why is he a bad guy again?

Stefan or Damon isn’t the question, because both are like an unpolished diamond and utterly pure from heart.

A moment of impact whose potential for change has ripple effects far beyond what we can predict, sending some particles crashing together making them closer than before, while sending other spinning off into great ventures, landing where you never thought you’d find them.

However I beg to differ because it’s anyway Damon for me, and from Edward Cullen to Damon Salvatore not many are common, but both have a ground breaking love story, that makes hearts like mine which was previously broken down into glass sherds waiting to be fixed and believe in the word called Love.

We all are gonna he history one day atleast let’s leave behind trails that’ll help people and make them appreciate the moment and not give a damn just like Damon.

Now Damon this is indeed a letter for you because you’ve taken the level of my expectations so high that it becomes tough to survive this real world. I want a love that consumes me, which is so passionate that makes me enjoy the danger and smile along

I want him to look at me just the way you looked at Elena when u had to shut the doors and send her off into the long sleep. I want him to hold me inside his arms just like the way you did while you danced. I want him to protect me the way you protected her without expecting anything in return.

I’d walk down all those quiet streets in the dark to suddenly cross path with you and ask you for the love I want and even then if you don’t, I would love to go on a long sleep to have that last dance with you. Damon Salvatore, please come back because the world needs to know about what true love is

-Happy Reading


An irrevocable Romance

You are like an unresolved mystery and every time I figure something about you, you make fall in love unconsciously. I am not trying to call you perfect, but who wants perfect? What’s the fun if you are perfect when I won’t have any chances in admiring your flaws and accepting your faults?

Lunatics fall in love! It’s partially true but those who actually fall deep consider it irrevocable, meaning it isn’t irreplaceable and that it’s so concrete and you would do anything and be anything for that person.

So when I asked which tastes better after a smoke.. The raw sweet texture of her lips or your Antiquity and Jack Daniels? That moment you laughed listening to it, damn my heart just skipped a beat. Some of this might seem to unrealistic but what’s life without a little illusion?

You are the illusion I’ll never wanna get out of, you are the drug I’ll never wanna get sober over.

You don’t have to be intimate to fall in love, just look at them when they are themselves like when the fall asleep, when they have a good laugh over even the lamest joke, when the focus hard to study and fall asleep while listening to class, when the read a book, when they eat their favourite food and when they look you in the eye and show you a better world with just the two of you in it.

This may seem like platos utopian city, after all why not aim for your utopia with him or her

Words to take back

Don’t go after something perfect.. Love isn’t geometry for gods sake. Learn to look beyond what you can see and that’s your ticket to the irrevocable romance street.Good luck boarding your train folks.Good read-Shruthi

Making a local connection

Traveling…isn’t, the word itself getting you an adrenaline rush? some travel to explore, some for peace and tranquility and then there are some who travel to find the sole purpose of this beautiful life which we sometimes fail to actually find the beauty in due to a lot of reason, it can be relationship karma or health and etc.

We all love listening to the stories of travellers and photographers, exploration and discovery doesn’t end with our history textbooks is what travellers these days are tying to teach us.

So let me begin my story…

Friends, Romans and Countrymen lend me your ears as I am about to explain the small things that we should learn to notice and appreciate in this course of life instead of looking at it as a race.

I aspire to become an archaeologist and what’s more fun than digging up archives it interest me so much as it involves extreme levels of technicality right from the brush and tools you use till the stroke you use it in. If not performed well it might actually ruin the remains so with passion comes patience and responsibility of protecting your finding.

The next beautiful and exciting benefit this career shall offer me is having the esteemed honour in meeting people of all kind. The idea of humanity where caste, creed, race, color, religion and gender never matters and they are all equal is a feelings that can never be matched with in any sphere of life.

When was the last time you were comfortable sitting next to person belonging to the lower strata of the society and being able to eat? It’s a shameful thing to walk around acting like it’s normal to discriminate people. The irony is Religion and education doesn’t teach us all this and yet we do it.

I’ve had some great opportunity in making local connections in the last few years these people I met are such beautiful soul’a with each of them having great and breathtaking stories to tell and these stories just inspire you to be better than what you were yesterday and they are confident about it because they appreciated the small things these stories help them see and be sane enough to understand reality and accept the misfortunes also.

Cultures and Traditions have always been inspiring at all point of time for their inert nature and characteristics associated with it.

It is all nice only when one chooses to eliminate the violence and superstitions people preach.

It’s a trait of a global citizen to always appreciate and mingle with his or her community and have conversations that changes our perspectives.

You are confident when you achieve happiness, because all of us think that fame and money is what happiness is all about the one reading this might also feel the same the way. You see that where you are going wrong because you don’t live your life based on assumptions, for gods sake it’s not a maths problem. That’s your first step learn to be happy without fame or money and everything else shall follow.

Baby steps is what it takes to achieve happiness, you start small but you gratify greater impact and it’s not materialistic gratification I am talking about like how Freud explained it to be, its absolute happiness where your expectations take a back seat.

Start by greeting your parents or you help providers at home asking them how they are and thanking them for your breakfast or coffee. You bus conductors or auto drivers or whomever who helps you reach your destination try showing them your gratitude by smiling at them with a thank you, it will surely lighten up both your day.

MIRAGE- The goal of the page is to only help people relive their life, and it simple

Smile without expectations.

Dont let mere humanly needs consume you from the purpose is your life..

Words to take back: –

Please read Victor Frankyl’s “A Man’s search for Meaning”

This will help you look at things differently and stay happy

Good day

Happy reading

An open note.

This post I read on social media truly changed my perspective and it was one among the best thing I read and wanted to share my opinion on this as it’s something everybody can relate to

Quoting the Artidote (bedtime story)

“It’s easy to feel uncared for when people aren’t able to communicate and connect with you in the way you need. And it’s so hard not to internalize that silence as a reflection on your worth. But the truth is that the way other people operate is not about you. Most people are so caught up in their own responsibilities, struggles, and anxiety that the thought of asking someone else how they’re doing doesn’t even cross their mind. They aren’t inherently bad or uncaring — they’re just busy and self-focused. And that’s okay. It’s not evidence of some fundamental failing on your part. It doesn’t make you unloveable or invisible. It just means that those people aren’t very good at looking beyond their own world. But the fact that you are — that despite the darkness you feel, you have the ability to share your love and light with others — is a strength. Your work isn’t to change who you are; it’s to find people who are able to give you the connection you need. Because despite what you feel, you are not too much. You are not too sensitive or too needy. You are thoughtful and empathetic. You are compassionate and kind. And with or without anyone’s acknowledgment or affection, you are enough.” —Daniell

The power of individuality survives the hardest stages of life and an individual will understand this through the course of time. Has there been a situation in your life where you’ve broken down so badly and you decide to seek help from you friends and open WhatsApp or messenger and start scrolling through the names and wonder why can’t I get myself together?

Doing this is wrong remember freedom is being sane enough to accept what you feel, as with freedom you feel liberated

What about that moment when you keep scrolling and you just don’t realise who will understand,and you pause and feel bad as loneliness slowly seeps it’s way through the narrow gap between the door and the cold floor and gives you a chill down your spine.

You instead choose to lock your phone with that desperate need in your eyes for somebody to text or call, or you are simply tired and sick of everything and find your escape mechanism with music or sleep. A lot of things inspired me to write this as I am honestly done fighting for and decided to find small layers of inspiration with writing atleast and that’s when I came across The Artidote.

The page helped me when no else could. The irony is people are honest when they write than what they are when they speak.

I don’t really blame them the anonymity is probably because they prefer it this way as the social society that is constructed today is judgemental and not every body is well versed in mental health as in some places it’s still a taboo.

I am the captain of my ship and the master of my soul – (Verse from the poem Invictus)

Words to hold on to are “Be yourself and loneliness will also be a bliss”

-Happy Reading

What love feels like when it hits you for the first time

Love is the most cliché word you will hear right after your hormones kick in like that feeling you have after drinking a dry martini.

It’s all filmy and a world full of fairy tales where you are the Taylor swift to your love story song dressed all beautiful with a waterfall braid and cheeks red with all the blushing. It is obviously more than just butterflies in your stomach and mixed emotion with all adrenaline rush and a heart beat as fast as the speed of light. The trembling voice and weakening knees with your eyes blinking constantly like the flapping wings of a fly. There are some who conquer love and there are few who find their life’s purpose falling in love, where it is no more finding the perfect soul, but rather to love all the imperfection of your better half.

I remember a beautiful phrase that reads Living to die and I am dying for you, the depth of these lines will truly be understood only by a true romantic. 

Poetry and Love go hand in hand, teenage love surely teaches an individual a lot many things and not all of us are fortunate to make the best out of it. We tend to grow up and become an exact opposite of what we were which makes your partner wonder what happened and trying to reason it out would just seem too complicated.

Have you ever been questioned what love is?, well here up my friend it doesn’t have to be a relentless sacrifice or changing yourself to satisfy the needs of your partner to make your relationship struggles vanish, love is just more than what the society has  constructed and made us believe.

Love is freedom, it is serene and it is where you find tranquility. 

There are a million reasons for somebody to fall in love with somebody, the way they smile, the way they treat and tell or someone who makes you feel complete and at times it just a mere accident and other times it’s a miracle. Life is like a dark abyss and all you tend to hear is the rustling leaves from trees and people walking around you where they pretend to listen to you just for sometime and then move on.

Your heart just wishes and you wait wishing that somebody just lends their hand to pull you up knowing you are suffering and that is what love feels like, this person walks into your dark abyss and makes it feel the bright rays of sun after a rainy december morning.

Don’t try to be a perfect partner because with every try you make you lose your personality, you can always do nice things out of your way to just see the one you love, smile with that spark in their eyes. Their touch must simply just make every moment a memory. You notice them being bothered about something and go and give them a hug from the behind placing your hand between theirs and rubbing together and assuring them that they aren’t alone in this.

When one of you fall sick the other must be there with you to place a kiss every now and then on your forehead and holding you inside their arms and giving you the warmth your mother gave you as a baby where you feel safe. Every touch  be like a plethora of emotions rushing inside you just like how a dry martini kicks in even with no words uttered a single touch does the magic of making your day a little better than what it was. The touch must just heal you and make you fall in love with every single day and it must feel so intense, so full of love and passion.

Words to carry back are to not try to find the perfect one but indeed to try to do things out of your way that uplifts the mood of your better half, and also read a lot of poetry with them. The period of Romantics is surely a gift to mankind as inspired by the Dead poets society and How to make love like and Englishman.


Happy Reading


Magical Realism vs Fantasy

Magic Realism and Fantasy.

Reality is a word every individual has to face and accept in their day to day life, and understanding the cause and effect relationship of life and death is complicated as it is embedded in science, religion and History. The term Reality check is what separates reality from fantasy or the virtual world as life is a constant struggle and it’s very vital for being sound enough to know when to draw the line so your survival is not in denial.

Fantasy on the other is the world of liberation where you can break free from the mundane living and there are no restriction and everything is a cakewalk and you are always happy and contend. The fantasy sphere varies with different age group, for a new born baby it will be wanting to drink milk, for a child it will be a world filled with chocolates and toys and superheroes, for a teenager it surely is love where the other gender becomes a major part of their life and impressing them, writing poetry, listening to taylor swift are all what matters.  Fantasy for an adult is being popular enjoying with friends and planning long trips, stayovers and partying and the list goes on, the one thing we’ve understood from this is that fantasy is something we are born with and reality is something we are born into.

Magic is something that has triggered us since a very long time, be it the famous Harry Potter series or those fairy tales we grew up watching or got attracted to Netflix and started watching Vampire Diaries, Stranger things, Breaking Bad and Supernatural. These are escape mechanisms or more or less the train we take to go to the fantasy world where it’s all Lilli’s and Roses, Magic Realism is more or less a movement that started in most part of the world which has no time period given where witchcraft and other types of magic started flourishing an gathered attention. They vary into small communities or children who’ve been abandoned by their parents due to being something different from human beings, just like how many of our previous births have no evidence on it the same applies for magic and the only difference is Magic is alive.

There has been a widespread literature and art under both these genre and Magic Realism has seen some great authors like Haruki Murakami who believes that Magic is created from Mood and atmosphere and The House of Spirits by Isabel Allande who believed that Magic is intrinsic and these writings speak about the true and underlying aspect of Magic Realism and how important is it for oneself to understand it.

Fantasy on the other hand is our top favourites among our stress buster list where it helps us in reducing the stress level that’s seen in the world today and fantasy also recreates beliefs and stimulates our mind in opening up to new ideas and visions where it’s a paradigmatic understanding of the world. We all remember our fifteen year old self who got so moved by the idea of love and the purity of love where we had butterflies in our stomach and all of us became Shakespeare and Alfred Lord Tennyson and never gave up on the love we had and the period one fell in love it feels like the entire world stops moving and it’s just that person you see everywhere and that’s what fantasy does to you. It gives you hope and faith so strong that you don’t feel like doing anything but be consumed by it all night and day, where you lose a lot of things in the long run like Time, Education, Friends, Money and Family.

Fantasy is good only when you know you can walk out of it and feel normal again, it should never become an addiction which stops you from growing and learning better things. We all have our fantasy stories like The Twilight series, The Wizard of Oz, Narnia, Marvel Avengers Cindrella and the Oscar winner of 2018 the shape of water. Fantasy helps you with pleasure factor of your cognitive self and helps your relax as it triggers you interest and you tend to start imagining and relating it all to you.

Reality is having the heart to accept that neither is fantasy nor Magic Realism a possibility in the todays worlds for normal human beings and thus we have to go through heartbreaks, deaths, pain, grief, sorrow and turmoil. We must render ourselves into earnestly fighting through every difficulty life puts us through as we are the survivors of the fittest and finest diamonds among the coal.

Happy reading

The Uncommon pain

If I give you ten minutes to explain what pain feels like and what would be your explanation? We all have our own ways to explain it don’t we?

Pain can be anything that’s got to do we a formation of a sudden pit inside your heart. We must learn to differentiate the feelings revolving around pain like sorrow, grief and sadness. It’s simply not okay to go around using words like I am depressed and my life is a wreck or such terms you read in a social media. It’s not a sin to relate your feelings with these things but it surely is to romanticise it and start to believe like it’s happening to you and worsening the pit that’s formed already, so don’t damage the damaged.

Pain doesn’t really have to be something that pulls you down it can also be something that makes you a better person from what you already are as good things are learned the hard way and the pain mechanism is what builds your values and your underlying abilities that you never thought you were capable of until pain knocked your door.

Pain can beat you down to such depth that you may think it’s all the end of the world. We all have our own stories to tell and scars to hide but life has to go on as it always has you aren’t what you were which is like a constant reminder that life isn’t constant. You may choose to be a couch potato and sit brood into your sadness or dust it off and be a Phoenix that rises from the ashes, remember the choice is yours at the end of the day. You should be like water which takes up the shape of a container and yet doesn’t stop moving, learn to accustom yourself to the environment and grow with it. All of us tend to find ways to mend our hearts some physical and some mental what’s important is you should learn to conquer it every time it gushes up and damages you.

I am not asking you to control it because it’s not going to get you anywhere so learn to accept it because the only way to let go is to accept it. Pain is a driving force according to me because only with pain we tap in our inner potential to work and conduct ourself better.

#what you do in the dark must never come to light.

Your hardwork is something the world should never know, your success is what they should get to learn.

Learn to be selfish and goal oriented plant your values and opinions in places it deserves to be and spread love and peace Hardwork smartwork or teamwork at the end of the whole thing just WORK..!

Happy reading