Confessions of a coffee addict

Coffee is the most exotic invention of men and it’s a true celebration to relish on the different types of coffee flavours available. I am writing this as a sheer dedication to all the coffee lovers out there. Coffee has always inspired me in a lot of ways right from the perfect blend of milk and chicory till the bursting bubble, it reaches the brim of my early morning coffee mug is a sight to watch.

I am here to mainly talk about this best friend of mine that has always had my side, it never wants to let go of me and somewhere down the line, I grew up with it like as though it is a sibling. It lurked into my room from the gaps present between the floor and the door. It got into my body by giving me chills down my spine and told me it’s going to be a part of me for a long time.

It was because of this friend that I became a coffee addict and it kept me up and sane at the same time. The aroma coffee gives you helps your brain feel relaxed of course the caffeine is unhealthy but it can uplift your mood like anything. The different variety of coffee beans and their speciality is the worlds favourite, right from Arabian beans, California beans, Irish, Brazil and African seeds they have all had their uniqueness and has surely changed the lives of many including me.

Did you see that froth on the cup? Now imagine sipping this with the beach tides few meters away from and enjoying the skyline of your city. It feels like you’ve attained enlightenment right?

Only a coffee lover will know the true ecstasy of this and nothing can ever compensate the nostalgia it pushes you into and feel blessed about being alive and appreciate the existence life has offered us. The different difficulties life has in store for us is never going to go away so live when you can and enjoy the little things around you.

So, to sum it all up to the friend I was talking to you about is nobody but a mutual one, well not generalizing it but hopefully many would agree, and here I am introducing this friend of mine – Loneliness.

No, you don’t have to frown upon the word its not as bad as you think of it to be, its honestly in our hands as into how we have to treat this friend you can always keep it in the wardrobe shut and ignore it or have it moving around and try finding positivity out of it.

I appreciate writing a lot and through this blog having a forum to reach out to like-minded ones is a very positive and motivating option and its a sheer blessing indeed. The next prominent thing is being a south Indian (again not trying to stereotype), the Madras coffee is a delicacy and having born in the land from where it originates from I surely hold a lot of pride in being a coffee lover.

A lot can happen through coffee, and is surely true in a lot of cases so the point is coffee doesn’t change, it simply changes the people.

So words to take back: –

We may step into a million cafes and restaurant, but coffee made at home is always the best and there is nothing that can ever be compared to it. So this is my coffee story and my confessions are pretty clear I guess and I hope you like it.

Well, what is your Coffee Story?

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Well it’s very close to my heart at least ❤️❤️

Happy Reading


Gas Chambers

The Threads in my heart weaken day by day

Disgusted with the sort of games people play

Each day I sew together the strands of hope to ignite life back to my weakened soul.

They say the broken become masters in mending

I Have to admit the cacophony is driving me crazy. 

The rants inside my crumpled pages

Has gone yellow with ages

Flipping through these pages of time

I sip my dark coffee


That Trice I stood in a room of people

Slowing dissolving into mist

The silence piercing through my heart 

The noise and chaos,

I tried to find my solitude. 

Unspoken words of sheer disdain and pain

A picturesque of hope, family, and love all washed by the winds

Shackled with rules, ideologies, and chains which only hinders our growth.

We lived thinking freedom was in the gas chamber

We died with hopes of meeting our family while we became specks of dust with time. 


As contempt flowed 

In veins akin

Men of valour

And pious demeanour

A mere mask, 

For filth and cruelty

Their eternal task is about to begin


We breathed with gases converging into our masks

Only to know that the canopy of white gas

Was the last that history will know of us.

We are all fractured fairytales in someone else’s story

From the ashes hear our plea,

We are entities whose dreams were stolen from. 


We are all relics of Hitler’s war

In Skeletal frames, with reddened eyes and tears, all dried up 

We weep day in and day out

For what were flesh and blood 

Is now dust and wind

Our tears formed the Ocean

With which you ripple along

Our cries bring rain 

With which you survive upon

Remember us;

For we have died for you to live. 


Chaos inside my Head – 2

Standing alone in a lonely lane

Gathering the pieces of my heart

which broke because of a lot

All I hear is dogs and wolves

I try to stick it

well, they never seem to fit.

The rants inside my crumpled pages

has gone yellow with the age

Shadows to hide from

and starts to shine with

with tears to dry and smiles to conquer

Filling in these pages of time

I sip my dark coffee

The rants inside my broken heart

is hard to fix

shattered due to human tricks

in this realm of malice and defeat

The tears in my eyes are all dry

The blood in my veins, don’t flow anymore

The air in my lungs, deflated

Who am I, I ask myself

The ghosts of my past uttered

You are a dead soul.

All hail love

and I say Amen

The 2am Me

The threads in my heart weaken with the strands of it loosening up.

I wonder why

The answer is

The games people play, it never ends like in that of a casino.

You keep playing with it till its blood dry.

The stench it gives you is what makes you wonder, how stupid can you be?

You preach ignorance is a bliss

Well, how is it ignorance when u are scared to be lonely?

You cry and worry with tears when you’ve just entered the tunnel.

Wait till you hit rock bottom

You’ll know what ignorance actually means.

Until keep mending your broken heart

I try to keep it ebbing and flowing

Painfully I try to let time heal it all

But how can I find hope in healing

When you left me fallen and bleeding

Each day I sew together the happy memories, to ignite to life the weakened beats

Each day the rhythms picked up

They say the broken become

Masters at the mending

But I know that this is all just a ruse

It’s not in my hands after all

I was always meant to lose in this war

As love was far fetched

– Good Read

Pictures – theartidotes

The one from the heart

Vulnerable and cocooned inside the mother’s arms she grew up

she grew into a flower that was about to bloom

Ready to remove away all the gloom from the middle-class home.

Awaiting her chances to learn and roam.

She wondered why only the brother could go out and not her?

She questioned why only the brother could go on sleepovers and not she?

Her thoughts saw shades of patriarchy which simply led to a pit that’s pitch black.

All her mother said was “Shushh keep it low the society will hear us”

She never understood about all this fuss.

was it her fault that she grew up rebellious?

She wanted freedom

A freedom, that’s felt

A freedom, that makes her go after her passion

A freedom, that motivates her to do better

The kind of freedom, that makes her laugh like never

There remained a question though?

What’s your Freedom?

Happy Reading

Oh Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Who is the beautiful one of them all

The young girl uttered quietly

Her face as Pale as Milk

Skin, as soft as Satin

Is now falling and fading with time

Like a weak strand

Mirror! Mirror! On the wall

Who is the healthy one of them all?

The young women uttered quietly

Every morning when she undressed herself and looked into the mirror

She saw her hollow breasts

Once full of life, now full of pain

Which shall soon bear a scar

That is her symbol of victory

As she is the Warrior,

Of her own battle

You are strong not from the outside

But from the inside.

All your sufferings will soon find their answers

All your endurance shall surely find their potential


Cancer is Evil and deadly

A beast of the night

So vile,

No love, No soul

Its like fire

Burns everything it touches

Extinguishes the life inside you

Leaving you empty and cold

Like a countryside lighthouse


Dear Cancer, 

You are incapable of love

You are a parasite

We practise faith

You can destroy life

You cannot take away our Memories

We will fight

Because the battle is ours


The next morning you wake up

Walk up to the mirror 

Admire yourself

For you have risen from the ashes itself

A fighter, A Phoenix and A Survivor. 

*Dedicated to all the fighters the worlds knows of and doesn’t*

Happy Reading

– Shruthi