Dreams Shattered



Do you know how does it feel to be pushed to that point where you hear people say don’t worry it is all going to be fine you will be alright before you know? You know they are trying to help you out by being there for you but somewhere down the line you just feel like it is not helping you. You feel alone even amongst a crowd like you don’t belong there and the very environment suffocates the oxygen inside you and makes you choke. These are not some fancy English or fabricated words, it’s a true feeling that many of us choose to ignore for satisfaction purpose.

If you are one among those who are working or studying something you don’t like but you have to do it to please others, do take a read as this writing might just be that feeling of enjoying a good coffee after a rainy day with the sun brightening your face with the aroma of coffee in the air.

You might be somebody who is across the country reading this one morning and may find it not worth a read but this is a very close to the heart article that I have written today based on what a puppet’s feeling is if it had a real life, so without any further adieu lets begin.

When was the last time you smiled like there was nothing to worry about for real? It’s a tricky question actually and the answer is quick for the majority, it was a long time back is what we’ll say and its fine. If you were one among those who have to accept away saying yes its okay “I am fine” so that the one consoling you don’t get to know your unhealed scars? That moment where you become a puppet for your parent’s happiness but neither can you speak up nor fight back because you have been a submissive child. You might tend to question it was your fault to not fight back so why to bother complaining, how easy it would be right to just be rebellious and letting your horses run to achieve your dream.

It wouldn’t matter who gets hurt in the process, what if I tell you that these parents worked day and night to give you good shelter and then the  Whereas the devil in you who are waiting to be liberated does not care about all this, the other side of you just feels burnt because you have been such a coward in letting your dreams get shattered into pieces and what’s worse is that it is already too late to gather your broken hearts desires and dreams.

You have to sit through and force down information down your throat in complete despair where every trice that passes by makes you hate yourself for existing like a soulless creature who has given up on yourself just to satisfy others? That very killing feeling that glides through your head every time you were forced to study something you don’t like by your parents who undergo societal pressure in turn, should you blame them or this very society that we live in?

You can also call yourself highly intellect by just stating out statements like “it’s all in your head”, “you have not worked hard enough” ” Stop complaining and blaming the others around you instead do something”. I respect these comments as they try to trigger the motivating factor in you by being stern in their words but does it help a submissive child? It’s honestly not going to be okay or it’s just not a phase if I tell you that travelling far one way for a something you never wanted and it was just a foreplay of forced reality in your life which you have no option but to just take it up as your options to quit are too less. That worry in you which you tend to mask how complicating it is to waste money and time going to college just for the sake of attendance and you have to put up with classes after classes and you are in so much agony where neither can you learn anything there and have to walk by that classroom which u desired to be in but couldn’t and how will you alleviate that.

You walk into the campus looking at happy faces, many don’t belong and some do we all have our own stories to tell I am not denying that but it matters from person to person on how they handle this situation, some may still be learning whereas the other might just be in denial of the position he or she is in, the next case is some may be brooding over it day in and out. In my opinion, it’s hard and doesn’t advice your friend saying its okay because the one suffering it is not you so psychologically you won’t know a thing about the suffering that person is undergoing. What you can instead do is just listen and let them rant it out completely and then go about sharing your opinion in a motivating manner saying what are all the possibilities you can take up after this and give them a skeptical understanding. Show them that their worry is among your priority which will uplift their mood and engage them into staying happy. Please don’t avoid to listen as that will put them through a lot of pain.


Happy reading


The Story of a Prostitute

Were you one among those people who scrolled through the posts and came across this and gawked?

Were you one among those who frowned upon the Prostitute word or the one who has judged my writing because of the title. The proverb says “Don’t Judge a book by its cover”. I don’t want to sound ambitious here but hey just take a read and I am pretty sure you will intend to write a poem, essay or even an article for your school’s English assignment on prostitution as the first article I ever read inspired me and I hope mine will inspire you.

We all have our own set of misconceptions on Prostitutes, it may differ from person to person, the question here is are you sure if that’s what they fit under or is it that you want to frame them under your opinions?

Having opinions is not the problem make sure your opinions have sufficient facts to support your argument, else your argument is just a babble to this smart world we live in. A prostitute’s life is not all that glam and glittery like how media and movies portrays, it’s a very dark lane that has no street lights to return back or ponder upon it’s a one way path. Their survival is not for sex which the public fails to understand, it’s rather for their family and for themselves. It’s a common question we tend to ask ourselves if whether there isn’t any other occupations for them to do. A simple answer to this is that Sex workers never wanted to be Sex workers they were kidnapped, poisoned, threatened and abused to perform prostitution which is a mere money-making business by monsters around us in the name of humans.

The next time you see a Prostitute on the road don’t look at her as a sex object who looks gorgeous with heavy make-up in panty-hose or short dresses and skirts with revealing blouse. If you try looking at her as another human being who is indeed like the clown in a circus, where she has to put that up with herself and not show her true sorrow as she won’t receive customers.

We cannot tag ourselves as a modern country yet because giving identity to trans-genders and Homosexuals and passing abusive comments on them in the road body shaming them or insulting them by denying them an identity in this society is an act of shame.

How many of us actually know the inside story of the women in Red street? They go through such pain everyday due to the exploitation of their vagina and body. They have to bear the irritation while the men with lustful eyes insert themselves inside her, they then are simply left with unimaginable pain and are exposed to Sexually Transmitted diseases (STD). If they are victimized to it they are thrown in the streets to beg without clothes, food or money and eventually are seen begging in the roads, railway stations and temples their lives end there.

All of us have come across multiple cases of girls going missing, they are trafficked by dealers in sex working organisation and they go through mental and physical torture where they are drugged inside a room and exposed to pornography and these dealers get them addicted to sex so much that they don’t realise it until a point of time.

If there is a new women in the business who gives maximum pleasure to her customer she is considered to be the best one in town so they enjoy benefits like good food and other luxuries. The dealers enforce Positive reinforcements for those who satisfy their customers, and those who don’t receive punishments. It’s basic psychology that keeps them going.

You see it’s not something which that prostitute wanted to be who you must have mocked at a few days back or laughed at with your friends, she has her own story of which you don’t know even a thing about. It’s so easy for us to comment on things but if it’s something on you it’s termed as bitching so don’t complain if you are one among the bitching community.

Learn to respect the soul of another person irrespective of their looks, gender, occupation or anything all of us fall under one statement of Shakespeare “ The world is a stage and we are all mere players”. Women are the nation’s pride support them don’t exploit them.

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Accept and Appreciate yourself

Hello Humans of the earth

You may catharsis on what is so different about the writing and what is that one new thing I am going to take back after reading this, well wait up as you are about to experience it. We all don’t always wake up with a smile every single day as we may be doing a job we don’t like or be with the person we don’t like anymore or must be getting over a breakup. There are million such reasons, but have you honestly sat and thought about yourself?. I would like to make difference between being selfish and giving time for yourself they are two different things just for the record guys.

We all are different from each other and that is exactly what make you and me two people, the question here is that do we love ourselves? or do we accept ourselves irrespective of our body size, appearance, our flaws?. The truth is somewhere down the line we don’t and it’s not a very surprising fact, You know it..Yes you the one reading it.

In this world of Malice and defeat all of us have had our hearts shattered into pieces, some have managed to gather it whereas the rest has just walked past it, one can’t decide who is stronger than the other we all have our own stories and haunting pasts. Lets get to the good side we are what we are  which means we are no less or more than what are capacity and potential is, it’s very important for oneself to respect their individuality and appreciate it.

Its starts with you, what you interpret out of yourself is exactly what will be projected from your side to those around you to understand you, its thus essential to regularly work on your beliefs. Learn to feel confident about yourself, think about how hard you’ve studied and where you are today is simply and only because of you. You haven’t cheated anybody for your position it’s all your hard-earned knowledge and effort, it may not be one huge of a success when you compare it to one, but remember its only because of this comparison the other has value else they don’t.

You don’t have to own all the riches in the world or be a successful person or be popular or anything just be yourself as you are loved protected and wise. Your only strength in this entire world filled with humans like you is simply You. The day you stat realizing that its only you who can keep yourself happy you’ve lived a life worth cherishing upon. Liberate yourself like never before, break free from those rusty old thoughts that once clasped you inside it branches filled with despair and pain. Let go of those negative thoughts that made your ribbcage suffocate yourself from within.

Start now Start today as its never too late to love yourself because you are going to be the same person even after a thousand days, The art of loving yourself is what holds superiority in the world we live in. Do not give up on yourself at anytime even if the entire world is against you or if every situation is threatening you to surrender or if those around you say you’ve been defeated unless and until and you agree to them you accept it for yourself nobody can out-win your hard-work.

Be yourself and accept all your flaws.

Happy reading

Growing up

Childhood is a true bliss that we’ve all cherished in our life, where we got all the attention we needed and gained affection and care beyond what words could explain.  Inside the womb of our mother not too warm, not too cold it was an experience of being inside a resort with everything coming to you without having to ask for and enjoyed.  We were the center of everybody’s world in the family protected, loved and cared immensely. It surely was a very inspiring period to ponder upon and enter nostalgia think about the good old days.

What we are today was not what we dreamt of  being and what happened in between these two stages of life is simply explained by the one which waits for none. Shakespeare said “All world is a stage and we are all mere players”. Every clown we laugh upon his tricks  in a circus has his own stories to tell scars unhealed. Our actions must never cause a misfortune to another.

It’s become so easy for people to back-stab and get over their guilt and survive. The irony here is that though we are socially consumed we are socially deprived, its come to one such stage where social media has taken over the traditional ways of being friends. I write this with a very saddened heart that those of you who’ve come past your good friends by finding alternatives in your life think about why exactly you don’t talk to them anymore. It’s important to remember that you should insist on what you did to get back with them instead of being naive and using ego defense mechanisms stating they were busy, they dint need me.

How hard is it to call them instead of writing a text message and meeting them? Life would be simpler if people understood that these friends and people you met way back in time played a great role in you being what you are some where down the line. Growing up never meant giving up on your friends just because you are not in the same city anymore or you’ve graduated into a different institution or you are in abroad. The one sad truth is you dint care, it’s always easy to get comfortable with yourself by labeling these occurrences in the most polished terms ” Oh man sorry I lost your number” or “You dint reply so I thought you dint want to talk” or “I was busy”.

We all fail to understand the impact of the relationship it had on the other person who goes to that extra mile in making sure your life is okay and to assure you that no matter what that he/she will always be there with you through thick and thin. In my personal opinion there is always time to offer to your friend if you care as when you needed they have dedicated time for you and its important for you to do the same.

It’s the Heart that is important change yourself by spending time with the people who need you pick up your phone and ring back that friend who has been there with you for so long and due to certain “GROWING UP” reasons like we all have has lost contact.

I hope you will brighten up the lives of people and fix a curve in the face

Happy Reading