The seas are calling

I’ve made this new friend lately, and

we are still getting to know each other.

Some days I invite him home,

talk a little and get to know each other better.

On some days, I wish him dead.

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I’ve grown so strong and deep

in our bond that it’s wrecked me from within.

These days when I look in the mirror,

all I notice is grey smoke.

A smoke that stings through my nostrils,

that when I take a whiff of it,

makes me recall your blurry face

that left me with a charred heart.

You’ve gone to a place

far beyond my reach.

I lay on the grass

and reach out my arms,

for love to caress me,

this one last time.

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Maybe you are my distant dream

with unicorns and rainbows.

In a world where there is less hatred,

let’s embrace each other a little longer

and pocket moments.

This life is nothing but a charade

finding you has been a sad tale.

You clung to me

when I had nobody.

Sucked, my soul out like a demon,

I wilted and withered,

on this soil

decaying and dying from the inside.

During my recovery in solitude,

I wish to resonate with the seas in silence.

My sins washed away,

with every tide

that kisses my feet.

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Breathe the ocean’s wind,

hear the gushing waves

and call upon nirvana

believing in a better tomorrow.

My darkest corners are my sacred space

for I never invite anyone in,

or let anything out.

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