Em’ December winds!

These days I wake up feeling numb,

I don’t quite know if it’s the cold December winds,

or, if its the thought of your absent breath

that you grace me with on my neck every morning.

The clouds get summoned and the sky swallows it,

Shades of the sun break-in and the dark collide into it.

The canopies, they shiver too;

The grounds, they drift too;

The lily-cups, they wither too;

Well, maybe it’s the December winds.

These days I wake up with cleft lips,

I don’t quite know if it’s em winds,

or, the longing and yearning,

of my lovers kiss.

For frivolous we were in love,

and then, the ardent storm hit us.

Even though our paths diverged,

our bodies moaned of loves desire.

I, keep our memories trapped,

for these winds may carry them away!

These days I, wake up feeling drifted,

search for the sanctuary we created.

It’s raining outside the windowpane,

and the flurries glistening in the midnight streets.

I turn around and see,

only to find our bed, empty.

And I wonder,

well maybe, it’s not just the December winds

but honey a storm, like before.

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