A Sensorium of Memory

I search for a memory

Deep inside the words “Dear Diary”

A moment in history

So Dark, that these pages turned yellow

And it’s ink, vanished.

Untangling my wrecked soul,

Filling my crevices with milk

Inflating my lungs

with this castle called freedom,

Where I breathe fresh air

Amidst all foul.

The photo on Unsplash by Marc Schaefer

To reminisce, grow, and conquer

sunrises in this forever sky.

To Learn to Unlearn

Our lives beyond these lies

shall be the story,

My blighted soul recites.

The Sunset hits like a dry martini

Slow and Vibrant,

Wrapping itself inside the dark skies

All eyes glisten during moonrise

For young lovers unison

Kiss looking at the waning moon.

The photo on Unsplash by chinmayee bagade

Let’s traverse into my memory,

And recreate moments to cherish

And let it resonate with hope

My tainted Lips utter

This too shall Pass

We are the people of god

Who can Defy us?

For I am the Captain of my ship

And the Master of My soul.

(Quoted from the poems Invictus and Odunfa Noel)

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