A Crestfallen Rant

The darkest secrets and the disdained truth all come along in the early hours of Twilight. Maybe, that’s why it’s the time to sleep, knowing these hours are the toughest to pass. This hour is when you don’t want to challenge that beast, in you which is tattered and tarnished.
You sometimes begin to feel so numb like things never happened and caused no damage in you. Do you even recognise pain anymore? Do you?.

mature love understands that two people don’t have to end up as one complete person. ‘we’re individuals with different interests, but it doesn’t mean we can’t be together and help each other grow in love.’

Quoted from The Scribbled Stories


Your numbness becomes your best friend and everything else around you just gets blurred and fast-forwarded.
Don’t we all yearn for that love, where we turn behind and look at? all that movies and song lyrics finally start making all sense out of nowhere and we hum it in our shower, while asleep, or even in one of those boring lectures you had to get through.

In trying to understand mature love and what the heart wants, do we get there? How complicated is that? Do feelings change? Is it still Love if it does? How does one contemplate Mature Love?

Mature love is where it’s respecting another individual instead of looking at them as possession or instilling them with rules and making them feel like living inside a monarchy.

To love is to be able to look past their physical state and be fortunate to having somebody to love and hold.
Mature love is beyond boundaries, fathom than the oceans, catching sunrises and stealing the moon. As poetic and illogical it sounds! What’s love without your fractured fairy tales?
As for mature love we

Photo Credits: Tom Roberts (Purple Myst on Unsplash)

-Happy Reading Folks

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