Insane: The new Normal

Of all the promises I made to myself the hardest one is the one in which I kept all the happy memories alive. I am not sure if they are memories to remember or nightmares to fear. Does that mean I grasp the little moments of Joy and call it happiness? Blessings and struggles are spoken for themselves when they are counted and shown gratitude towards. 

Hold your blessings close, they can be those tiny fireflies that our hearts yearn to see when we come face to face with our devils and they shall save you!. As far as your struggles are concerned, go ahead and count them too, as these sum up to the shaping of your existence. Your Battle scars and weakened heart is all like a tapestry, you either go about sewing them and keep them safe or you let its thread worn out into becoming nothing. Your scars and pain, are what stood against all odds of times and lived to tell the tale of how you are like an iron rod, the harder you get stomped and hit the stronger, wiser and compassionate you’ve become. 

Our legs have moved to different sands it has seen all kinds of quintessential, silhouettes, quiet, and serene. However, our hearts are constantly in that chase of seeking, trying to be a wanderlust into spaces that don’t fit into Textbooks, it soaks itself into quivering wings towards Freedom. 

I wish we could see through each other’s pasts,

Share stories reminisce into our unknowns, 

Surrender our nights and steal more sunlight’s,

Know our cries, without shedding tears,

Love each other without fears,

Heal my heart, and I, yours.

Writing through time, with these thoughts that don’t seem to end, maybe they shouldn’t, maybe we are just insane inside the heads of others, just like how they are inside ours. It’s time to embrace it, for all you know as this is a part of you too, these thoughts mould your lives, so why should they be insane? 

This chaos called life is just another stage play event, you have all kinds of roles to play and you will turn out to be just fine. The characters will be etched in you so well, that you wouldn’t have to act anymore. 

You were never meant to be without darkness, nobody ever is.


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