Taste of the Forbidden Fruit


My eyes make me want to see the kind of things that my heart yearns to see, I don’t know who am I to blame here as the pain delves in deeper with time.
The idea of distance has finally gotten to us probably? Or maybe we are the epitome of a forbidden love story? Well, no wonder I have long hair. What kind of forbidden’s are we? The incompatible ones? The teenage lovers? Or the eternal who spoke of growing old together and reading our love letters under the tree? It was always Us against the World, well why does it feel like there is only me now? Are we gonna blame it on the distance? Well, of course, we are because, you and I, are meant to be despite all the horoscopes, astrologers, planets and stars that the saints speak of.

Maybe Shakespeare was right when he said: “The fault is not in our stars but within us”. I don’t want to just love you anymore, I want to breathe you, even in the most intricate details in my life. I want us to be more of us together than one being dominant or submissive.
I want us to blend in like air and clouds where it presents us with the night sky and soothes the weather for that romantic night dinner in our front porch gazing at the stars and I tell you to see they are twinkling and you tell me “sure they are” looking at me. I’ve kept you so alive in my writing than what I have in real life and…..damn that distance.

Yet here I am with a heart still strongly in love with you waiting to embrace your arms and never let go hoping that one day all this madness would make sense and I told myself that so what if it’s forbidden that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

Yet here I am sitting and still trusting love to travel all these miles and go back to our old ways of loving each other. What is this old way? How different is it now? What changed or a better question would be who changed? Maybe none of us did, it’s just that all this surreal way of love or the kind of constructs and systems that we live by and let them corrode us in the name of “appropriate”. We are all socially consumed and yet have to face our demons at the end of the day and wake up to have made it through with a new beacon of hope and become puppets to our masters in this play called life were like Shakespeare said we are all mere players.

We will be the maestros of our symphonies and melancholy composing it and listening to it waiting for our freedom to be tasted from all kinds of opposition from man to matter. So undoubtedly we wrap and keep ourselves safe and protected in our dreams. What do you do when these dreams become the worst of your nightmares do you still keep them safe?

You’ll be the love I’ll always yearn for and the feeling my heart aches for.
You’ll be the memory that chokes me with glistening teardrops in my eyes when you’ve gone away far far away.
You’ll be the dried ink to the quill of this poetess in solitude.

So let’s blame it on the distance as it’s safe that way.

Special Credits – Dhanalakshmi

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