Voids of scream

In my solitude was when the hard-hitting realities of how the devil hooked my wounded heart in his rusting hook. You see the specs to my door of this psychedelic soul evolving and decaying with constructive order and a society shackled within the clutches of the grim and gory. I ponder upon where did I lose my sanity?
Living amongst the Masked humans and the Grim realities of the present aren’t we all somehow lost where our sanity gives in and the self fades away introducing us to subaltern

Lost by the cacophony we sometimes create and the pain we let others inflict on us just by giving them the right to hurt us? So there is Colour and then there is black and white. Where does grey belong? maybe it’s the colour of someone’s universe. Or maybe it’s just their safe place.
An abstract is variable in its rudimentary level and sticking my neck out and breathing this air turned into smoke carrying the charred remnants of the despair and hatred causing this vicious cycle of called HUMAN. Take a minute and look around the kind of hell we’ve created under the never filling black hole of capitalism.
When was the last time you remembered a school kid going to school happy? The slanted head on the window door says it’s all and the day that phase gets on to your face there is no stop to it. The rat race is just for the void to keep consuming and it never ends. They thrive to be this better person eventually gets faded into the thin air and becomes pecks of dust. Its dystopia that seems sane now, for all our deeds has manifested into black holes after black holes that just wouldn’t stop its hunger and the deeper it goes the darker it gets. So is it being human? Or a better question would be what exactly is human in today’s world?

Photo by Jordan Steranka on Unsplash

Do we reside in a world where I’ve told my heart that loneliness is a blessing? In my solitude, I want to look aesthetic and resonate with the seas in silence for I want my sins to be washed away with every tide and wave and breathe the ocean’s wind and call upon nirvana. My darkest corners are my sacred space for I never invite anyone in or let anything out.
Take me back to my solitude for heartbreaks we’re less and there was a drought in my passionate eyes. I believe that to be my realm, my nirvana my everything ship

3 thoughts on “Voids of scream

  1. Wow Shruti, what a powerful post. I am amazed at your writing and words skill and more by the content.
    Drought in my eyes (and the assurance that it’s passionate) and everythingship are only a couple that got etched in my heart.
    I am fortunate to be your follower 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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