the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return the kindness.
” she expressed her gratitude to the committee for their support” Well that’s exactly what Google defines gratitude. We all know that we interpret this in million different ways keeping the idea similar.

The way we deliver gratitude to people differ, for some, it’s through action, the rest is through expression and for others it’s through self-expression in the form of gifts, poems, writings, and surprises. The commonality to all is that you go out of your way to show them they matter.

The only thing to be noticed is that you appreciate and hold a position in their hearts by the simple gestures you show.

What better gratitude than a soul that can’t express words, loves you with every heartbeat.

Not all of us know where we are going in life but somewhere down the line, we must learn our purpose and keep answering the Why to all our situations and the answers must be honest and one should be wise enough to understand and accept the changes.

Gratitude is the most obsolete thing we are all bred into and at all times we should be thankful for the meals we get, the life we live and the people who cherish us and this is the only way we can give back to the world and unless and until we have nothing to hold our gratitude for, we haven’t lived life the right way. The one who looks at gratitude as something very basic in his or her life is bound to be of good fortune and happiness as it isn’t something that they are expected to do but is very natural and one among their usual things

Our smiles have a million stories to tell and the wrinkles and scars have hidden the pain behind them all. Start your day by doing simple things like greeting your parents and of those who help you at home probably your maids, gardeners, drivers and others who reduce your stress. Money isn’t going to make them smile happily, being friendly and appreciating them and doing things selflessly will satisfy them like no other.

The problem with the elite is that they think poor people need the money and that is absurd because money can’t buy them happiness only kindness can.

They simply want to be understood and treated with equality for the assistance they provide, you give them food and the tears filled in their eyes after having a full stomach makes them feel closer to you. They feel blessed and if you go an extra mile in packing sweets or snacks on an auspicious day for their family they show gratitude by thanking you with a face filled happiness

No money can buy this, sheer love and sense of belongingness will.

Words to take back

Expectations give you heartbreaks, offerings give you gratitude so learn to earn respect by being humble irrespective of somebodies social status. Your social status does not define your gratitude, your humbleness does.

Being rich doesn’t mean power, being poor doesn’t mean slavery. It’s a matter of gratitude and Humbleness.

Photo Credits: Anitha Jacques

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